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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  June 25, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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that break news is from the nation's highest court. a big victory for the obama administration and the affordable care act. the supreme court has ruled a key provision of the president's health care law is constitutional. good morning. i'm renee chenault fatahfattah. taking a live look at the supreme court building in washington, d.c. the ruling came down just within the last hour. demonstrators gathered at the steps of the court. they let out a cheer when that decision was announced. now, the court upheld the tax subsidies that made health insurance affordable to the millions of americans living in states that don't have their own
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insurance exchanges. if the provision had been struck down customers who bought insurance through would have lost those subsidies but now upheld by a vote of 6-3. chief justice john roberts wrote the opinion and sided with the majority. as a result of the ruling pennsylvania governor tom wolf has ended his bid to have his state run. the supreme court ruling keeps in place insurance rulings for more than 380,000 pennsylvanians. he says he will withdraw the state exchange in the keystone state. turning to the weather. thousands of people without power across our area. the storm clean-up is now in its second full day. take a look at the mess left behind. this is in mantua. parts of the neighborhood and homes tossed around on the streets here in gloucester county. delaware county suffered severe storm damage. new video from overnight.
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a tree fell on the house at main and 11th streets in upland. the tree took town power lines. on long beach island boats became flying debris. this shows what many people thought was a tornado that hit there tuesday night. the storm ripped the boats right out of the water, tossed them at nearby homes. the national weather service has determined this was a waterspout. now here are the latest outage numbers. peco reports 53,000 outages right now. that's a little higher than this morning. ac electric is working on nearly 129,000. the company will be using a low-flying helicopter to survey the storm damage today. and pse & g has 10,000 customers without power. they hope to have all restored by tonight. delmarva has 1900 outages. peco telling us it could take until friday to get many customers back on line bringing in about 500 extra workers from
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places like kentucky new york and ohio. those crews will be working around the clock to restore power. nbc10's monique braxton live in chester sdel delldelaware county. where officials opened the park. >> reporter: the doors of ppl just opened for delaware county residents who want to come here for lunch as well as shelter. we stopped by the brookhaven town hall where hundreds of folks were enjoying breakfast. >> this morning i took a cold shower. it was horrible. >> reporter: mary ann was among the first arriving at brookhaven borough hall for breakfast. french toast, bacon, juice and coffee plus conversation have helped people cope. >> it's been rough. we're getting along. like i said we have a generator so we're better off than a lot of people, you know. >> reporter: you came up this morning for breakfast? >> yeah just a coffee and
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bagel. >> reporter: people have also shown up to charge cell phones and grab a bag of ice. a commodity in these circumstances. >> save at least some of the food in my refrigerator and freezer. >> not to mention the horrific storm since tuesday evening through this morning, we've had 300 people coming through the building. >> reporter: just a few moments ago i talked to the spokesperson for philadelphia union. she says this is the door you need to come through, right under the philadelphia union sign which is the loading area for ppl. i also talked to the mayor of brookhaven. he says, peco tells them everyone should have power by 11:00 friday night. live now from outside ppl park, monique braxton, "nbc10 news." >> thank you monique. the national weather service confirmed straight-line winds caused this damage and not a tornado in gloucester county.
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the storm also ripped apart the roof of a nearby friendly's restaurant. this is the golden luck motel. the roof there now lying in a nearby parking lot. and what we've shown you so far is really just a fraction of the images captured across our region. to see viewer videos and storms from the video, tap on the "nbc10 news" app from your smartphone or tablet. if you're still without pow sxir need to recharge your phone, tablet or computer nbc10 and comcast are helping you plug in and power up. several comcast/xfinity locations right now ready to recharge your devices. go to the "nbc10 news" app to find the location nearest you. it is a warm summer day at the shore and throughout our area this morning. taking a live look at cape may, new jersey. big changes are coming. nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the
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forecast. >> it would be nice to have a couple more days to dry out but we're not going to get that. the clouds are already starting to increase across the area. there is a risk of some severe storms tonight. that would be for potentially the southern half of delaware. most of our area is just going to be getting some regular rain but some of that may be on the heavy side. it's dry during the daytime hours, but back to the west there is a fairly large area of rain that's moving straight to the east in our direction. and it should arrive tonight. we're up to 80 degrees right now, but the humidity is relatively low. so it's still on the comfortable side near 80 to the south as well. now, as we go through the day today, those clouds are going to continue to increase. it's going to be a warm day, but not especially humid. it should be cloudy by 5:00. take the umbrellas with you if you're headed out tonight. because rain is on the way.
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and that's just the beginning. there's more rain for the weekend, too. i'll have the timing on that with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> thank you, glenn. new video at 11:00 showing the suspect wanted in a residential burglary in philadelphia's rittenhouse neighborhood. he was captured on surveillance video on lombard street. he got away with several items, including $3,000. now to manayunk where thieves broke inside and pried open an atm where loading if into a getaway van and taking off. then in northeast philly this armed man walked inside a wawa tuesday along castor avenue and told the cashier, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. an employee opened three cash registers. gave the man undisclosed amount of money and he was last seen heading east on tyson avenue. new information about new
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information about an overnight fire in bensalem. this is from a witness who was there. we learned a firefighter was hurt a minor injury. six apartments and the rental office are damaged. investigators are still looking for a cause. preparing for the pope philadelphia archbishop chaput wrapped up a news conference in rome talking about the world meeting of families. earlier mayor nutter exchanged gifts with the mayor of rome. they then held a meeting to go over security procedures. the main concern, how to keep the pontiff safe and secure with the large crowds expected here in philadelphia. >> there's a schedule, there's a script, and then there's pope francis. and he will pretty much do whatever he wants. and, you know wins most of those battles.
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there are ways to deal with those kind of issues. he has to be safe but we want him to also have a great time and be accessible to people sdmroot. >> the world meeting of families saturdays stept 2 nd. the pope will be here september 26th and 27th. we'll have continued coverage leading up to the visit and while pope francis is here in philadelphia. the new jersey legislature is expected to vote on a bill to change emergency medical services in camden. the bill would let cooper hospital take over paramedic and ambulance services for the city. right now those are provided by virtua health systems. cooper argues it is best able to serve the needs of that community. today reading terminal market honored all first responders who were involved in the deadly amtrak train derailment back in may. a breakfast for the first responders just wrapped up about an hour ago. merchants at reading joined together to honor the brave men and women who led search and recovery efforts after the train
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derailed with hundreds on board. who can forget these stunning images from the aftermath of that deadly crash. eight people were killed that night. more than 200 injured when the speeding train jumped a curve and derailed in philadelphia's port richmond neighborhood. here's something to smile about. the tall ships are starting to arrive in philadelphia. 13 vessels will sail up the delaware river this afternoon. they dock in ports along the camden and philadelphia water fronts. the ships are ee quaped with tall masts and sails you see here. once in place there will be a ceremony and a lunch for about 1,000 veterans and their families. and then later today, we get a sneak preview of atlantic city's newest retail venue. you're looking at playground of the new facility. the former pier shops will offer upscale shopping world class dining and hopping. the playground will open to the
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public tomorrow. 76ers will pick third in tonight's nba draft, so who will it be? observers say the team's first-round selection will be ohio state's point guard, d'angelo russell. there were rumors he didn't want to play for the sixers. yesterday he said quote, it's a great place. why wouldn't i want to be there? the sixers also have five picks in the second round. sixers fans don't have to go to brooklyn to see the draft live. they can go to a draft party starting at 6:00 at dilworth park and enjoy the draft on big screen tvs, food, and drinks. new details about the corrections officer authorities say helped two convicted killers escape from a new york prison. they also tell us about his possible motive. well enjoy the sunshine and low humidity for now because big changes are coming. i'm tracking the rain and cooler
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temperatures on the way and how it could impact your weekend plans. the timing of it all, just ahead.
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a u.s. fighter jet crashed in arizona near the u.s./mexico border. the f-16 fighting falcon aircraft went down five miles east of douglass airport, south of tucson. officials have not released the identity or the condition of the pilot. we do know the aircraft was part of a night training mission.
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one witness described seeing the f-16 falling out of the sky. >> they came around with their second loop to the left. first went fine left bank fine second one when it did its left to bank everything fell out. seemed like something grabbed it and it went straight down. >> the crash remains under investigation today. there's another twist in the search for those two convicted killers who escaped the new york prison. overnight, another employee was arrested. now, this is the second arrest in connection to the arrest all while con fikts continue to evade police. nbc stephanie goss reports. >> reporter: 57-year-old gene palmer faces multiple criminal charges, promoting prison contraband tampering with evidence and official misconduct. >> we intend to plead not guilty. >> reporter: according to the criminal complaint, he's charged with accepting a number of paintings from sweat, going back
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to november 2014. earlier this week the d.a. told nbc news palmer didn't know there were tools stuck inside hamburger meat he passed along to david sweat and richard matt. >> he had no knowledge they were planning on escaping. he passed a polygraph test. >> reporter: the d.a. says joyce mitchell told hill she put the tools in the meat. >> this is unraveling in front of us. we're all hearing information, allegations she's conned multiple people. in my mind she's just as manipulative as the two escapees are. >> reporter: mitchell pled not guilty to charges she helped matt and sweat, and sits behind bars awaiting trial. as the search continues around the hunting cabins there are new concerns the escapees may be armed with rifles. as a press conference wednesday, state police admitted, weapons may be missing. >> a number of people cycle through these camping cabins ask they don't have a definitive
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number of weapons, so they cannot tell us what's missing and what's not. >> reporter: mitchell's husband lyle told matt he believes other prison workers knowingly helped the convicts. >> there's something more they're not telling us. how did they cut that hole? so many unanswered questions for me that i don't know. >> reporter: even more questions will be asked about the honor block where palmer walked and sweat and matt were housed. working there is considered a privilege. >> that's a plum job. you get it with seniority. the reason it's a good job is because the prisoners who go there don't make trouble, supposedly. >> and that was nbc's stephanie goss reporting for us. now we go to south carolina where funerals are being held for two of the nine victims of the charleston church massacre. taking a live look now in charleston, south carolina where the funerals for shooting victims are taking place today. and the community there showing signs of healing.
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last night exactly a week after the massacre emanuel ame church resumed its wednesday bible study. no cameras were allowed inside but about 100 people. it was standing room only. churchgoers say there's nothing inside the church to indicate there was a shooting spree except wood panelling has been removed from the walls there. not too far away though a setback. fire investigators say this predominantly african-american church was deliberately set on fire last night. damage to the church there is estimated at more than a quarter of a million dollars. the pastor says he's already forgiven whoever is responsible. officials now looking for a potential suspect. >> we had a nice, comfortable day yesterday and another one coming today. it's already comfortable and it's not going to get that much worse during the afternoon. the humidity stays low for this
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time of the year. but showers come tonight. some parts of the area getting thunderstorms. and a lot of parts of the area are going to get some rain over the weekend. just a question of the timing there. the clouds already on the increase out there. 80 degrees, though. very light wind and very low humidity. it's 4 degrees warmer than it was at this time yesterday. but the increasing clouds is going to prevent it from getting a whole lot hotter than yesterday. 76 in pottstown. 79 in reading and allentown and trenton. glassboro as well. 80 degrees in millville. 79 in dover. the temperatures are fairly uniform at least for now. a little cooler. getting a bit of a north east wind so not much warmer than it is right now right at the jersey beaches today. it's going to be kind of cool there over the next couple of days.
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it's dry for now but you can see the clouds coming in from the west. there's the next batch of rain. maybe thunderstorms developing along the southern area. that's why parts of delaware and extreme south jerry are most on target for that. here we go this afternoon. the clouds are increasing. the showers, well, they're coming in tonight. heaviest in delaware south jersey, other computer models do have significant rain in our pennsylvania counties, too, but that's where the heaviest should be. that's where thunderstorms would be and any chance of severe weather would gusty winds would be in delaware and south jersey as well. now, tomorrow we don't totally clear out. you can see a few showers generally light, small showers during the day tomorrow. that's the little part. the bigger part starts coming on saturday. look although that area of rain
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approaching. now, we have the wind coming in off the ocean. there's friday night. this is the european computer model. this is the area of low pressure that's going to move our way over the weekend. so, by saturday afternoon, we've got an east wind keeping it cool. we've got this moving in making it wet. and then it gets wetter. the wettest of the weekend looks to be saturday night. so it may be a lot like last weekend where most of the rainfall is saturday night. depending on the track of this low, that will help determine how much of sunday will be wet. if it tracks to points of north, we may be dry for most of the day if not the entire day on sunday. and if the wind starts coming up, you see from the south or southwest southwest, it may not be anywhere near as cool as saturday will be. we'll get more information on that for this afternoon.
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update that later today. clouding up with low humidity, though. mid to upper 80s. tonight the showers develop, heaviest to the south. that's where some thunderstorms could develop. and the seven-day forecast some showers around during the day on friday. the rain developing on saturday. that's the chilly day. and then morning showers, maybe just early morning showers on sunday. so, the weekend does not look like a total washout to me. and then next week, we start warming up again. >> thank you, glenn. whole lot of trouble. whole foods is dodging more accusations that they're overcharging customers on everything from nuts to seafood. what a consumer agency discovered about the retailer. why the government is looking into a popular birth control implant.
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regular laters looking into the safety of contraceptive implant devices. the fda says the problems have not been established in studies of the device and they're not listed on the product label. the coil-like device is implanted in the fallopian tubes and block sperm from reaching a woman's eggs. now two-to-a whole lot of problems for whole foods. officials in new york are
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calling their investigation into the retailer the worst case of mislabeling they've ever seen. new york city's department of consumer affairs says whole foods repeatedly overcharged customers for prepackaged food. the agency tested packages of everything from nuts and snacks to vegetables and seafood and found the weight were mislabeled. whole foods says the agency hasn't provided evidence backing up its claim. the company was accused of overcharging customers in california and fined nearly $800,000 last year. we are following breaking news this morning. a key ruling involving health care for millions of americans. the supreme court decision on the key provision of obamacare this morning. and how the ruling has already impacted pennsylvania governor tom wolf. plus thousands of people still without power. we'll take a look at storm clean-up across our area and the efforts under way to help out those who have been left in the dark.
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it continues to be breaking news this thursday morning. it's from the nation's highest court. a big victory for the obama administration. the supreme court upheld a key provision of the president's health care law. nbc10 national correspondent tracie potts joins us from capitol hill with breaking details. >> reporter: good afternoon. we've come over to the court where there's quite a bit of cheering from supporters of the affordable care act. this was a case all about subsidies. that's the money that low-income americans get to help them pay for their health insurance premiums every month. there's a part of the affordable care act that says and i'm quoting here established by the state. in other words, people eligible for those subsidies would have to -- the argument was, would are to get their insurance through a safe health exchange.
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only a few states had that 16 of them. 34 don't. people were going to and getting the subsidies. the u.s. supreme court in a 6-3 ruling has now said, that's perfectly okay. that the intent here was for everyone who qualified to be able to get those subsidies. this is a huge victory for the obama administration. they had pushed to really keep this together. congress has been trying to dismantle it. there was this challenge. it is the second major challenge where this court has upheld the affordable care act. so, that's why you're hearing a lot of cheering here. there are concerns though on the other side. people who say the affordable care act has already started to raise premiums not for the low-income people who are getting these subsidies but for everyone else. so, it's possible we could see more challenges down the road. but today it's a victory for supporters of as is often called now, obamacare. the court has decided in a ruling, frankly, that was not quite as close as people thought it might be 6-3 in favor of
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upholding the obama -- the affordable care act/obamacare, for now. >> thank you. just within the past few minutes, speaker of the house john boehner released a statement saying obamacare is fundamentally broken. increasing health care costs for millions of americans. he goes on to say, republicans will continue our efforts to repeal the law and replace it with patient-centered solutions that meet the needs of seniors, small business owners and middle class families. well the decision is already affecting pennsylvania. governor tom wolf has moved to withdraw his bid to have the state run its own marketplace. he says it's not needed now that the supreme court ruling keeps in place insurance subsidies for more than 380,000 pennsylvanians. we are awaiting comments from president obama any moment. we'll bring them to you when they happen live. the boston marathon bomber apologized to his victims yesterday before a judge formally sentenced him to death. tsarnaev spoke for the first time in court more than two years after the attack that killed three people and injured
11:33 am
hundreds perform tsarnaev said he was sorry for the lives that were lost. his death sentence will be automatically appealed. storm clean-up under way throughout our area today. delaware county remains under a state of emergency. utility crews are working around the clock to untangle the piles of power lines wrapped around tree lines and dangling over streets. good morning, president obama is about to speak from the rose garden. the supreme court in a 6-3 ruling upheld a key portion of the president's health care law. nationwide tax subcy dids that help make insurance for affordable for millions of people across the country. as we await the president, let me bring in an nbc justice correspondent, pete williams. he's at the supreme court. walk us through what just happened here. >> reporter: for the second time the president has walked back
11:34 am
from the cliff here on his health care law. the supreme court said it's not correct that the only people who get these tax credits are people who live in the 16 states that have set up their own exchanges. that's what the challengers had argued. they said the plain meaning of the words of the law passed by congress limited the subsidies. but the supreme court said no that's not right. have you to read the health care law as a whole. it's clear that congress meant people had to buy insurance in order to make -- to spread the risk around and make insurance affordable. and it's clear that the law says that everybody gets the subsidy, whether they live in a state that has an exchange or whether they buy the subsidy on the fact 16 states have their own exchanges, would mean if the challengers won, the insurance program would get-g into a death spiral. >> okay, pete. here's the president. >> five years ago after nearly a century of talk, decades of
11:35 am
trying a year of bipartisan debate we finally declared american health care is not a privilege but a right for all. over those five years as we worked to implement the affordable care act, there have been successes and setbacks. the setbacks i remember clearly. but as the dust has settled there can be no doubt this law is working. it has changed and in some cases saved american lives. it set this country on a smarter, stronger course. and today after more than 50 votes in congress to appealrepeal or weaken this law, after presidential election based on preserving or repealing this law, after multiple challenges to this law before the supreme court, the affordable care act is here to stay.
11:36 am
this morning the court upheld a critical part of this law. the part that's made it easier for american to afford health insurance regard little ofless of where you live. if the partisan challenge to this law had succeeded, millions of americans would have had thousands of dollars worth of tax credits taken from them. for many insurance would have become unaffordable again. many would have become uninsured again. ultimately, everyone's premiums could have gone up. america would have gone backwards. and that's not what we do. that's not what america does. we move forward. so today is a victory for hard-working americans all across this country whose lives will continue to become more secure in a changing economy because of this law. if you're a parent you can keep your kids on your plan until they turn 26. something that has covered
11:37 am
millions of young people so far. that's because of this law. if you're a senior or an american with a disability this law gives you discounts on your prescriptions. something that has saved 9 million americans an average of $1600 so far. if you're a woman, you can't be charged more than anybody else. even if you've had cancer or your husband had heart disease or just because you're a woman. your insurer has to offer preventive services like mammograms. they can't place annual or lifetime caps on your care because of this law. because of this law and because of today's decision millions of americans, who i hear from every single day, will continue to receive the tax credits that have given about 8 in 10 people who buy insurance on the new marketplaces the choice of a health care plan that costs less than $100 a month.
11:38 am
and when it comes to preexisting conditions some day our grand kids will ask us if there was really a time when america discriminated against people who get sick because that is something this law has ended for good. that affects everybody with health insurance. not just folks who got insurance through the affordable care act. all of america has protections it didn't have before. the law's provisions have gradually taken effect. more than 16 million uninsured americans have gained coverage so far. nearly 1 in 3 americans, who was uninsured a few years ago, is insured today. the uninsured rate in america is the lowest since we began to keep rortsdzecords. that is something we can all be proud of. meanwhile, the law has helped hold the price of health care to its slowest growth in 50 years.
11:39 am
if your family gets insurance through your job, or you're not using the affordable care act, you're still paying about $1800 less per year on average than you would be if we hadn't done anything. one leading measure, what business owners pay out in wages and salaries is now finally growing faster than what they spend on health insurance. that hasn't happened in 17 years. that's good for workers. and it's good for the economy. the point is, this is not an abstract thing anymore. this is not a set of political talking points. this is reality. we can see how it is working. this law is working exactly as it's supposed to. in many ways this law is working better than we expected it to. for all the misinformation campaigns, all the doomsday
11:40 am
predictions, all the talk of death panels and job destruction, for all the repeal attempts. this law is now helping tens of millions of americans. and they've told me that it has changed their lives for the better. i've had moms come up and say, my son was able to see a doctor and get diagnosed and catch a tumor early. and he's alive because of this law. this law's working. and it's going to keep doing just that. five years in this is no longer about a law. this is not about the affordable care act. as legislation or obamacare, as a political football. this is health care in america.
11:41 am
and unlike social security or medicare a lot of americans still don't know what obamacare is beyond all the political noise in washington. across the country, there remain people who are directly benefiting from the law, but don't even know it. and that's okay. there's no card that says obamacare when you enroll. but that's by design. for this has never been a government takeover of health care, despite cries to the contrary. this reform remains what it's always been -- a set of fairer rules and tougher protections that have made health care in america more affordable more attainable and more about you. the consumer. the american people. it's working. and with this case behind us let's be clear, we've still got work to do to make health care
11:42 am
in america even better. we'll keel working to provide consumers with all the tools you need to make informed choices about your care. we'll keep working to prevent the use of preventive care that avoids bigger problems down the road. we'll continue working to boost the quality of care in hospitals. bring down costs even lower. make the system work even better. already we've seen reductions for example, in the number of readmissions to hospitals. that saves our society money. it saves families money. makes people healthier. we're making progress. we're going to keep working to get more people covered. i'm going to work as hard as i can to convince more governors and state legislators to take advantage of the law, put politics aside and expand medicaid and cover their citizens. we've still got states out there
11:43 am
that for political reasons, are not covering millions of people that they could be covering, despite the fact that the federal government's picking up the tab. so we've got more work to do. but what we're not going to do is unravel what is now been woven into the fabric of america. and my greatest hope is that rather than keep refighting battles that have been settled again and again and again, i can work with republicans and democrats to move forward. let's join together. make health care in america even better. three generations ago, we chose to end an era when seniors were left to languish in poverty. we passed social security. and slowly it was woven into the fabric of america and made a
11:44 am
difference in the lives of millions of people. two generations ago we chose to end an age when americans in their golden years didn't have the guarantee of health care. medicare was passed. and it helped millions of people. this generation of americans chose to finish the job. to turn the page on a past when our citizens could be denied coverage just for being sick. to close the books on a history where tens of millions of americans had no hope of finding decent, affordable health care. had to hang their chances on fate. we chose to write a new chapter. we're in a new economy, americans are free to change their jobs or start a business chase a new idea raise a family free from fear. secure in the knowledge that affordable health care is there
11:45 am
for us and always will be. and that if we get sick, we're not going to lose our home. that if we get sick, that we're going to be able to still look after our families. that's when america soars. when we look out for one another. when we take care of each other. when we root for one another's success. when we strive to do better and to be better than the generation that came before us. and try to build something better for generations to come. that's why we do what we do. that's the whole point of public service. this was a good day for america.
11:46 am
let's get back to work. >> president obama shaking the vice president's hands as he concludes his remarks, commenting on the decision by the supreme court to uphold the major provision of the affordable health care act. he says the law is working. says the affordable health care act is here to stay. we want to go to chris jansing in the rose garden. the president took a number of swipes against those efforts to repeal this law. what is the reaction? >> obviously they're thrilled here. a number of senior staff members who were alongside the doors of the white house. even though they had been expressing confidence all along, there is always a concern that a ruling like this could go against them. this is a victory lap for the president that he called a great day for america. but this is also a signature achievement of this presidency and it preserves that part of his legacy. however, when he did say that you know this is not about obama care as a political
11:47 am
football. obviously, it doesn't end the political debate. it does remove the last major legal impediment but the politics continues. among the presidential candidates perry, rubio, jeb bush saying he's disappointed. mike huckabee calling it judicial tyranny. many of those folks in those states deeply affected by the law and would have to deal with the consequences now instead it becomes the political conversation. but for the president, no longer a legal one. lester? >> chris jansing in the rose garden. we'll have more reaction throughout the day on for now, i'm lester holt in new york. have a great day, everyone.
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this weekend hundreds of people will participate in a challenging course in a fun, family atmosphere. boy, is it for a terrific cause. the 11th annual johnson and johnson triathlon, raising money for pediatric cancer research. with us this morning is khera sanchez, an employee of johnson and johnson. with him is his 8-year-old son gabe. so good to have you both here. talk to me first about why you're doing this why you're participating in the run. i know it's very personal. >> yes, it is. >> several years ago my son was operated on children's hospital of philadelphia to have a
11:51 am
life-threatening isis recyst from his nose. we give back to c.h.o.p. it was through a series of events that came about that i ended up taking on triathlon and then johnson & johnson -- >> your employer. >> -- my employer, sponsors the race. we found a great opportunity to do just that to raise funds and give back. >> i said, well is this your first triathlon. you told me what? >> no i've done over 20. >> okay. so, you're an old hand at this. now, gabe, are you going to be out there running at the triathlon? >> yes. >> you're going to run? wow. this may be breaking news here. but in addition to running, you're also going to be cheering on your dad, right? you made some signs. now, i understand the surgeon who really saved gabe's life is also participating in the run. you were able to get him involved?
11:52 am
>> yes, dr. ian jacobs is the pediatric director of airways at c.h.o.p. and he's done over 200 triathlons. he's the person that basically inspired me. i actually went to my best friend's first race and it was a chance encounter we saw him there. i asked him, what are you doing? he told us about, you know why he does triathlons. that inspired me to get training. >> why don't we tell everybody how they can participate. this is so important. like you said, the funds raised go to c.h.o.p. and what they're doing in terms of pediatric cancer research. the johnson & johnson trirock philadelphia triathlon taking place this weekend, june 27th and 28th. it begins at memorial hall in fairmount park. for more information, if you would like to come out and join in with gabe and his dad, you can go to our website,, or check out the nbc10 app. thank you so much for being with us. and let us know how it goes okay? >> thank you so much. really blessed. thank you. >> we'll be rooting for you. we'll be right back.
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coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00, it's "ellen," today actor jane lynch, which you can see "game night "on nbc10. it's "nbc10 news" at 4:00. this afternoon, have job, must travel. the new opportunity for laid off
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ka steen notice workers in our region. employment, but, well, there's a catch here. it's thousands of miles away in a place you probably never even heard of. that's all this afternoon at 4:00. glenn, you said it we really could use another day or two to dry out from the damage from earlier this week. >> yeah. and at least we've had some comfortable weather yesterday and today. those without air conditioning probably grateful at that. and today, though even though the humidity is low, clouds will be increasing. temperatures into the mid-80s. then for tonight, that's when some rain moves in. showers develop. some of it is likely to be heavy in delaware and extreme south jersey. for lighter showers tomorrow and then pretty heavy rain is coming over part of the weekend. right now it looks like it's mostly saturday afternoon and saturday night. sunday could turn out to be okay. >> i know you'll stay on top of that, glenn. thank you for watching "nbc10 news" at 11:00 a.m.
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>> rafe: i thought you were going to forget about clyde weston. >> kate: good morning, clyde. i'm s-- >> stefano: greetings, katerina. i'm back. >> roman: yeah. well, somebody tried to kill my son. i want answers. >> john: professional job-- crime scene's wiped clean, zero forensic evidence. >> roman: damn it. >> john: we're just going to have to rely on what eric and nicole can tell us. how are they doing? >> roman: well, i was just about to go check on that now. >> john: all right. abe and i are on our way. >> roman: serena...


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